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Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

Air force mission is a game that is suitable for all the type of players. This particular game gives a very good gaming experience to all the members who have an interest in playing action games. Air force mission is a very good hit game in the action game. There are many features in Air force mission game that is more attractive to all the players. Like the other games the motive of Air force mission is also to destroy the enemies. 

In Air force mission the enemies are of different types. The graphics in this particular game is more attractive. With the help of the Air force mission game the player get the real gaming experience as if he is in that ground and attacking the enemies. Air force mission game is purely based on the destroying of the enemies and so that the game increases the accuracy of the player.

Air force mission is also very helpful in developing the skills of a person. When you focus on the skill aspects of a particular person Air force mission helps a lot to think in a wise way to destroy the enemy. The set up file size of Air force mission is also nearly 25MB and this occupies very less space in the hard disk. The another important thing about Air force mission is that it carries only less load in the hard disk. 

The game play of the Air force mission game is to destroy the grounds of the enemies and the enemies who approach with the tanks. There will also be enemies who try to attack with the help of the helicopter. The duty of the player is to destroy the ground troops, helicopters and the other tanks and weapons. In some cases the enemies will be very stronger than the player. In that case the player must think wise to finish the mission very successful.

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